What does liminal mean?

1: of, relating to, or situated at a sensory threshold 

2: of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition: in between 

“In the liminal state between life and death”— Deborah Jowitt



Q. What Type of Business is the Liminal House?

A. Currently, the Liminal House is a passion project with the aspirations of becoming a Nonprofit. First stage - by using the website and social media, I plan to share my personal journey towards Death and Dying. Second stage - to continue sharing my reflective journey and making it more tangible, via workshops, retreats and fundraisers. Final stage and ultimate goal of The Liminal House - to actually build a contemplative care home for those dying between the ages of 21-55.


Q. What is this modern blueprint?

A. It is my version of Death Awareness. Death Awareness is similar to Sex Education in that I am presenting certain facts about Death and Dying. Death Awareness is an all inclusive conversation. Because there are two things we all have in common: 1) the desire to Live and 2) we are all going to Die.


Q. where will the liminal house be built?

A. Currently I reside in Gwinnett County, Georgia so I hope to build the house in Gwinnett or in a surrounding county.


Q. Why Is the liminal house dedicated for those dying between the ages of 21-55?

A. I believe that is a lost demographic. Typically, those under the age of 21, that are terminally ill, have their parents to care for them. Typically, those over the age of 65 have their children to take care of them. They also typically reside with family, in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Those 21-55 either don’t have children or their children may not be old enough to take care of themselves never mind their parents. Another point I would like to make, those between the ages of 21 -55 probably wouldn’t want to reside in a nursing home if given the option.


If you have any other questions to ask me please feel free to CONTACT me at: ellarose@liminalhouse.org