1) Most people are not prepared to die


2) There are limited neutral places to die

Solving Problem 1: The Website

Most people don’t want to talk about Death, never mind prepare for it. So let’s start here. As neighbors networking on this online community, we can get ready for the inevitable together. Join me as I take gradual steps towards a better Quality of Life and a more fulfilling End of Life.

Solving Problem 2: Building A House

The house is the Ultimate Goal and my biggest challenge!

I want to offer a “Quality End Of Life” Experience.

  • Create a home with natural, biophilic design.

  • Build a neutral and nurturing Contemplative Care Home (An alternative to dying in an institution or dying at home)

  • Provide 24/7 care.

  • Staffed with experienced nurses, other health care providers and trained neighbors.

  • And I want this home to be for the terminally ill between the ages of 21 - 55.

Solving these problems are the heart and goal of The Liminal House.   Networking together we can make this happen.

We Can Solve these Problems using:

The 6 N’s

we’ll Network first, then move into a Neutral space, in a Natural environment, then we’ll add Nurturing people, including Nurses and other healthcare professionals, plus Neighbors volunteering.

Does This Impact You? Yes, because dying is inevitable.

This is how I see it… Learning, preparing and living with Death will help me. I may have the opportunity to have my needs and wants known and get certain affairs in order. My children will be considered in the process. Maybe some of their fears and questions will be answered too. I will be communicating, networking and sharing with neighbors both near and far. I believe the conversations are needed and will help each of us grow. Finally, I will be leaving a small mark on my own little world. A small footprint on this great planet.

At the Liminal House, whether online or in person, You inspire the care, attention, words and actions.

This is your home – all are welcomed.

This is your space - we will care for you and follow your lead as you LIVE

This is your journey – we will embrace, foster, trust and support your choices and end of life decisions

This is your season – we shall change, learn, heal and grow together

This is your threshold – we will part with tenderness, compassion, hope, dignity and grace