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Who is this for?

This is for anybody who is going to die.

This is also for people who are:

  • looking to be more Death positive

  • looking to minimize regret, pain, confusion and burdens that may arise when dealing with death and dying

  • ready to Live better by being more present with their intentions, thoughts and actions.

  • willing to explore and initiate their end of life decisions, wishes, documents and arrangements

  • more interested in being proactive than reactive

What does this include?

  • Packed with information, this Blueprint includes life lessons from 19 top Icons, that have passed on during our lifetime plus powerful quotes, reflective writing prompts and self-love activities.

  • The Blueprint covers the following topics: What we consider Ideal / Feelings, Emotions & People / Pain / Medical Choices / What Dying Looks Like / Legal Documents / Alternative Care/ Funeral Arrangements and Finding Peace with Death and Dying

  • You get a total of 17 free, downloadable, reflective video experiences, covering 19 of today’s most famous Icons. One sent to your email inbox every other week.

  • Helpful links and interviews.

  • A glossary of terms to assist you with demystifying medical jargon.

  • Positive inspiration, tips and resources while you are manifesting your blueprint with #liminalhouse #deathpositive #rip

  • Access to a community of people who are Living with Death, using the hashtag #liminalhouse #deathpositive #rip


How will this help you?

I believe using this process will help reduce some of the regrets, the pain, the confusion and the burdens, that accompany death and dying. And that in itself will be a gift to ourselves and our loved ones.

As a Registered Nurse, the one thing that never gets old is seeing someone’s love ones struggle trying to make decisions. They don’t want to make the wrong decisions. Believe me, they wish they knew what you wanted. We spend so much time researching, studying, preparing and spending money towards so many other milestones. But our final and maybe our most important milestone we all seem to neglect. This is not about having everything perfect and finalized. It is encouragement, to share your thoughts and have conversations with those you love. The information gathered from this blueprint may provide peace & solace for all.

Perhaps you too are ready. So, let’s start!